Barcelona TV


Barcelona a TV is one of the largest official TV stations of FCB. It is dedicated to broadcast information and entertainment from Blaugrana point of view. First program of this channel was screened on 27th July 1999 under the banner of Canal Barca. Telefonica Sports had owned it until 2004 but as the club gained the exclusive rights the name of the channel was changed.

Barca TV is a well reputed and renowned television stations that is completely devoted to the Barcelona Football Club. Currently it is broadcasting 24 hours and 365 days a year. The programming is exclusively committed to the club and all the areas of the team. The channel shows plenty of shows relating to institutional camp at Nou Stadium, sporting side of club and shows for youth footballers. Besides entertainment, information, first team football matches and action from other teams. It gives a live coverage of Barca’s Youth Matches of Youth in every category as well.  Channel offers so much to Barca fans by broadcasting the historic wins of Barcelona clubs and many shows that show the behind scenes and roles that club plays in promoting football.

Entire TV programming is themed to latest news of Barcelona, which means that the programming schedules of Barca TV vary on game scores.  Programing is controlled by VSNMULTICOM that allows them to create two parallel programming schedules. On the very last minutes Master Control Room decides which one of the two programs will be broadcasted.

Integration of VSN Programming of Barca TV has earned a good name for the channel as its ratings have increased and has allowed for an error free automation. Another benefit is VSN is that unique media catalogue permits for a proper tracking of contents without interrupting the managing system.
The entire integration brought by VSN has brought great improvements in the efficiency and productivity of the channel.